At one point I had enough of the complicated Wikipedia articles and the 100th nerd in a checked shirt, trying to explain “the internet” with his pencil using formulas. In this blog dictionary, I am explaining complicated technical terms in an easy and understandable mannder. As a trained political scientist, I discovered that one should leave computer science not only high-paid male webmasters.

Digital emancipation is the motto of the 21st century. That’s why on a winter evening I deconstructed my laptop by myself with a screwer and found beneath the cover, voilá – the internet.

In the following months, I dedicated a journalistic article to each item of my equipment: from “CPU” to “OSI-Modell”. I called my selection “the Digilux lexicon”. Later I extended this blog to technical terms also to explaining the digital economy. Now the lexicon includes also terms like “gig economy” or “smart contract”. For me it is fascinating to see how these small, inconspicuous knobs on my computer motherboard are responsible for the future loss of 47% of our jobs.


Soon I realized that my comprehensible explanation is also handy for business marketing reasons. I wrote for several companies they websites and flyers and took care of their marketing appearance. My clients were part of the economy sectors IT-technology and real estate. If you like to have a proof of my writings, write me an email.

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