After several years, I became an expert in two areas: the opportunities of digital democracy and the current establishment of digital borders between nation states, the “smart border”. These topics lead me to my heart question: Does democracy threaten the apocalypse or the salvation due to digitization?

You can book me as a speaker for your conference. I am familiar with the fields of “Digital Democracy” and “Smart Borders” through research abroad in several european countries, research fellowships and many multimedia publications in professional journalistic journals.

Abstract I of the lecture “Digital Democracy”

Political disgust adé! Online citizen households such as in Madrid in Spain or a platform for legislative proposals in the Icelandic capital Rejkavik: digital democracy processes are beginning to spread throughout the world. Deputies and administrations open up completely new possibilities for shaping political processes together with their citizens. This talk will show practical examples of how the moderation of digital democracy really works.



Abstract of lecture II “Smart borders”

Democracy knows (knows) no borders? Formerly boundaries were between forest and meadow fields with a barrier tree. Today’s high-tech borders use invisible methods. National border gates can now automatically open and close when a GPS-chipped vehicle seeks entry. Or the heartbeat scanner for trucks at the ferry port in French Calais, used to discover hidden passengers. How developed are “smart borders” in reality yet? Is the introduction of the intelligent borders of democracies a desirable development? In my lecture, I will talk in more detail about further advantages and disadvantages.

I can present the topics in any format as a lecture or a humorous impulse of between 10 minutes and two hours – on your request I adapt the format of the event.