Journalist Valerie Lux: for daily news

Are you looking for a freelance journalist? Since 2015 I work as a crossmedia reporter. Due to my knowledge of various languages I can guarantee you meaningful reporting from countries with the languages French, Italian, German and English.

In my portflio you can find a selection of articles and multimedia contributions for various professional media outlets in the past two years.


Nerdreporter: Valerie Lux

In the moment focus is on a clear and comprehensible presentation of digital security and current developments in European politics. Currently I write cross-media contributions mainly for the following media outlets:


Bildergebnis für mit technology review deutschland

My journalistic interest right now is focused on digital security in the European Union and current events in Middle Europe. For my research about digital politics I prefer the genre of biking journalism. My news reporting brought me already over the Balkans to Kosovo, Ireland and Northern Ireland, France and England.

In the mean time I was even able to collect some prizes.


Junior journalist for good economical journalism 2018


Bildergebnis für netzwerk recherche gemeinnütziger journalismus


Scholarship for meaningful journalistic research by the association “Netzwerk Recherche”

I like to report also for your! Just write me an email to valerie[at] I am able to travel at any time to any spot in Europe.

Example: video clip in 2018 for the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung.

Camera, editing, sound: Valerie Lux