Valerie Lux (*1991)


Digital Nomad

The world is my home: after visiting the school in Sydney, Australia and in Hannover in Germany, I completed a European Volunteer Service in the Caucasus mountains in Armenia. I studied political science at the Austrian-german border and in Finland “Nordic Societies and Cultures”. Afterwards I lived for quite a bit in Scotland, Great Britain where I discovered my passion for technology and the progress of economy due to digitalization. Now I am pedaling around Europe as digital nomad, always searching for the future.

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Europäerin: Valerie Lux

I am a representative of the “New Work”, which means I do not have a permanent home. I live in various european countries. I only need my bike saddle and my laptop. In the winter of 2018/19 I am living on an Italian Mediterranean island working from there for various German media outlets. As an event moderator, however, I regularly come back to German-speaking countries.







Staying in other European cultures shows me that there is no right or wrong, white or black. In my professional work I try to present a theme in all light and shadow sides. The insightful search for different pros and cons runs through my life like a red thread. As a questioner on stage as well as in the quiet little room while writing: The search for the best factual argument never stops for me.





My loud laugh is my brand mark. You usually hear me before you see me. As an optimist with a lot of positive energy, I persist asking the questions of how our digital future will look. I am convinced that the world is a friendlier place with fiber optic cable. But of course I asses the more pessimistic assessments with a curious look as well.

I also have some formal degrees:
– Bachelor of Arts Political Science (degree, University of Passau: 2015)
Certified Business Administration Manager (Fulltime Training, European Business Competence License: 2017)
Trainer for Adult Education (Fulltime Training, Institute for Didactics of Democracy, University of Hannover: 2017)
Certificate Online Marketing (Fulltime Training, Google Future Workshop: 2018)
– Certificate Philosophy (Additional University Education, University of Passau: 2015)







If you are interested and are looking for someone who can give you a competent interview or a nice text, feel free to contact me at valerie[at]



Yours sincerly,